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I'm sick of seeing Newgrounds beg me to make a post so...

2008-07-24 19:59:58 by OxSox

Hello my adoring fans! Yes both of you! I was mildly disappointed by the somewhat lower score than I hopped for my latest flash "When I'm Running" but I've thought that about each and every animation I have released, I think. Anyways, although I have some time to animate right now, I've got no burning ideas. It's quite sad. I want my next animation (as I suppose I want all my movies) to be the one that gets me a daily award... or even that elusive holy grail the front page. So... ideas? I always give credit were credit is due! If I can't think of anything soon it probably won't be to till January that I'll release my next animation.


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2008-08-09 01:23:05

hey oxsox i hope one day you can achieve your goal of daily. i think your movies are quite good, and you are one of my first mentors.


2008-12-20 02:21:34

yeah second post ^_^. and yeah keep trying for that front page! As I have just checked out a lot of your other works (and you've probably got annoyed by all my reviewing) and I think its easy to say your stuff improves every flash you make. I think the next great idea you get could score you the front page, as that socks animation was really cool and deserved a higher score. Anyway, keep doing your thing.

OxSox responds:

Dude, I would never be annoyed by someone reviewing my work (unless they were useless reviews like just "Sucks" or "Wow". Anyways, I really appreciate your reviews and vote of confidence. Getting front page has been and will continue to be my dream.