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What Should I do next?

2008-12-20 12:49:21 by OxSox

After finishing a long and somewhat tedious project in "Where the Missing Socks Go" I feel tired and like I need a break from animating. On the other hand, winter break is the only major holiday I have till graduation. In the past, winter break is when I've done most of my animating. So I have some options:
1) Try to make a short animation - I tried this with "While I'm Running" and wasn't to impressed by the score it got. Then again I'm sure a better short animation would do better
2) Try to get involved in a colab or two - Getting in on a good colab seems to be a great way to get good scoring animations, learn a lot from other artists, and have some fun. But I've never been in colab before and it seems like it only works if you get in on one with artists at least as good as yourself
3) Try to make a longer animation - Ughh... but I don't wanna... besides it would bleed into the semester almost certainly when I wouldn't have time to deal with it. And then I'd have to wait till summer to finish it... and I already have job after I graduate lined up and it's really unclear if I'd have time to animate with a job
4) Do nothing - Maybe check out a shading or face drawing tutorial or two so I don't get complaints in my next animation. I've also been meaning to brush up on my photoshop abilities I bet that could come in handy when I do decide to make another movie

Well what would you do as a somewhat burnt out artist after a long project? Got an brilliant movie ideas you want to make? Any colabs your looking for artists for? Any comments at all?


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2008-12-22 20:50:04

Greatest idea; Do nothing. You need a break man.

OxSox responds:

Well I'm almost following your advice, I signed up for one collab but you its pretty low commitment, definitely not like making a solo project. And I'm definitely not taking on anything else this winter break.